Becky Valentine

“In Becky Valentine there is a unique and wonderful mix of sensitivity, compassion, competency and wisdom combined with her academic training as a counselor. She is a gift to the church and I commend her to you with enthusiasm and without hesitation or reservation.”
— Steve Brown, Professor Emeritus at Reformed Seminary-Orlando and founder of Key Life Network
“Becky has a tremendous amount of insight and spiritual discernment. She is able to see truth in others and interact with others with love, patience and concern.”
— LMS Curtis McGown, LMHC and Executive Director with Godspeed Resources Connection
“I’ve known Becky for more than 15 years. During that time, I have seen her heart for people put to action in the loving and skillful ways she cares for others when invited into the tender areas of their lives. Her intuition gives her a keen eye, and her commitment to love others well governs how she offers what she sees.”
— Monica Taffinder, LMHC, LMFT, co-founder of Grace Clinic Christian Counseling
“I have witnessed Becky’s genuine love and care for people long before she academically added counseling to her title. Her gifts flow from a passion for people to grow and experience the abundant life God intends for people both emotionally and spiritually. Good Christian counselors are hard to find and I am thrilled Becky has been added to the number.”
— Lillie Cashion, Executive Coach with Life-Long Leadership